What to Wear on Those Warm (But Not Hot) 70-Degree Days

What to Wear on Those Warm (But Not Hot) 70-Degree Days

Every year, as a Central New Yorker, I look forward to spring and summer. And every year, I forget how difficult it can be to dress for warmer weather. And when I say “warmer,” I actually mean “warm.” Hot weather? I guess it’s a little easier to dress for. Throw on a breezy dress or shorts and a short-sleeved top. But warm weather? Say, 70 degrees? Well, that’s another story.

70 degrees is incredibly comfortable; not too hot, not too cold. It also presents a styling conundrum—it looks a little different depending on your geographic location and sun intensity. While some of us can ditch the remaining winter layers altogether (goodbye jackets and cardigans, hello summer), there are definitely still those of us who are clinging to lighter outer layers as our 21-degree days start with 13 degrees in the morning and end with 15 degrees in the evening.

Whether 21 degrees means mid-summer to you or you’re still looking for something to combat goosebumps, here are 10 outfit formulas to reach for when the temperature drops to that optimal—but stylistically elusive—degree.

A Button-Up Shirt + Denim Shorts

Two are better than one, as the old saying goes, and that sentiment certainly holds true for summer fashion staples. A classic button-up shirt and a pair of denim shorts you love are both pieces that will stay stylish until the end of time. Of course, they go well together. In this weather, short or long sleeves work well, depending on whether you get hot quickly or catch cold easily.

T-shirt + maxi skirt + sneakers

Sambas paired with a cheetah print maxi or midi skirt is an outfit combination that the Instagram algorithm keeps coming up with—and clearly no one has had enough of them yet. A longer hem covers the legs so you don’t get too cold, but is also airy enough to keep you from sweating when the sun warms up in the afternoon. A T-shirt gives the ensemble a “casual-cool” look.

Short sleeve lace top + gingham pants

A short sleeve lace top represents warm weather, while pants with a playful pattern (like the gingham ones) make the outfit practical for warm but not hot days. This combination will allow you to effortlessly head to the office and confidently nail the season’s fashions while adhering to the dress code.

A vest + pull-on pants

Lightweight pull-on pants are incredibly comfortable, especially in early summer. Tank tops have been particularly popular over the past year and are a chic way to dress when a blouse or button-down shirt feels too restrictive.

A matching set + sneakers

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the long-sleeved top and shorts set. The combination is simple but cohesive, while sneakers keep the fit comfortable when you’re on the go a lot – whether you’re catching up on work or checking off your to-do list at the weekend.

A Printed T-Shirt + Cardigan + Boxer Shorts

Take advantage of the comfort and convenience of two current trends by pairing a printed T-shirt with boxer shorts. If you get cold easily or are dressing for a day of fluctuating temperatures, a cardigan on top can prevent goosebumps. Tall boots paired with shorts are a sure win as they almost always surprise passersby and are especially great for 21 degree days. Cowgirl boots pay homage to the Eras and the Cowboy Carter movement.

A Sleeveless Sweater + Wide Leg Jeans + Sandals

If you’re like me and love a good sweater all year round, be sure to add a sleeveless option to your wardrobe for those days when the weather couldn’t be better. Wide leg jeans and sandals make for an effortless and chic outfit.

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