We Found Them: The Best Linen Pants to Wear All Summer Long

We Found Them The Best Linen Pants to Wear All Summer Long

A few years ago, I randomly bought a pair of linen pull-on pants at Target, and after realizing how great they were, I’ve bought more and more of them year after year. My quest for the best linen pants seemed like a fun personal adventure. There’s something so satisfying about the way linen pants sway with every step, plus they’re a chic upgrade from the regular denim pants you wear day after day.

Hardly a summer goes by that I reach for my jeans instead of my linen pants. You can make them look casual with their pull-on options, or chic and upgraded with a pair of linen pants. They’re ideal for every day, from running around town or coffee with a friend to date night or drinks with the girls when you want to spice them up a bit.

No need to rack your brains over the perfect summer pants when linen pants are (almost) always the answer. Instead, reach for your new favorite pair of pants. Read on to find out which ones we’d be adding to our carts ASAP and how we’d style them.

The Best Linen Pants of 2024

Linen Pull-On Pants

When I first think of linen pants, I think of this pull-on version. They come in many colors, but we’ve seen more popular options of these pants in shades of cream and blue. Linen pull-on pants usually have a stretchy waistband and a drawstring to tighten, making them a comfy favorite for good reason. Below, I’ve highlighted 8 of the best linen pull-on pants that you can snag ASAP.

The Best Linen Pants

Since the pants trend took off a few years ago, it only makes sense that a linen version was hot on its heels. (Man, are we glad it did.) Linen pants are a slight improvement over their younger sister version of the linen pull-on pants. They’re still casual but offer that extra edge when you want to jazz up a look while still staying comfortable and cool.

What to Wear with Linen Pants?

Linen pants are easy to style in the summer. If you’re throwing on denim shorts or other pants, you can also swap them out for pull-on pants or linen trousers. You’ll quickly find that they go with literally everything else in your wardrobe, which further reinforces our view that linen pants are the best to wear all summer long.

Wearing a cropped tank top or tube top with linen pants is an easy way to make your legs look longer. The flowy pants contrast beautifully with a matching top, and if you pair the look with platform sandals, you’ll be wearing this flattering summer look again week after week.

With a Breezy Button-up and Fun Sunglasses

One of the easiest options to throw on with linen pants is 100% a simple button-up shirt. You can wear it open over a tank top or buttoned up and it looks so chic billowing over your linen pants. If you want to have some fun with your styling, opt for a button-up in the same shade as your pants for a matching set moment.

With a Sweater and Clogs on Colder Days

When the temperatures drop as the sun goes down, your tank top and sandals won’t cut it. Pair your linen pants with an oversized crew neck (preferably in a fun summer color) and some clogs and you’ve got a lightweight outfit that offers just the right amount of warmth.

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