We Found the Absolute Best Jean Shorts for Under $100

We Found the Absolute Best Jean Shorts for Under $100

There was one time every May when I couldn’t get the jean shorts stashed in the back of my dresser out of my head. (Why do they never fit like they did last summer?!) I was sick of the age-old jean shorts scaremongering, so I set a goal to find a pair of jean shorts that I would actually look forward to putting on.

In my search for the perfect jean shorts, one important factor was that they were made from high-quality materials that would last year after year. Another important factor was price. For something I wear less than half the year, I didn’t want to blow my budget looking for the perfect pair. Thankfully, I found 16 pairs that met both of those points. Below are 16 pairs of the best jean shorts that will stand the test of time, and they’re all under $100.

If we had to pick the shorts of the summer, it would 100% be Abercrombie’s High-Rise Dad Shorts. These sell out fast, so we recommend grabbing them ASAP if you see your size in stock. The denim is comfortable and not too tight or stiff, and the length sits perfectly on the mid-thigh. They give the perfect amount of vintage vibes with a modern twist.

Abercrombie’s Curve Love line is a godsend if you tend to have gaps in the waist in your jeans. They add extra inches to the hip and thigh, so there are virtually no gaps in the waist. Their High Rise Mom Shorts have a shorter hem than the Dad Shorts, but still offer good coverage and a comfortable, yet snug fit.

Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Jeans already have a place in our hearts, so it’s a no-brainer that their Perfect Vintage Jean Shorts do too. These mid-length shorts are fitted at the waist and flared out for the perfect cut-off look.

Patch pockets on denim are all the rage right now, especially when paired with ballet flats or platform sandals this summer. These shorts from Madewell are made from their signature denim that’s designed to support and accentuate you in all the right places. (Um, yes, please.) The curvy fit prevents the waist from popping if that’s a problem for you, and the A-line style of the shorts suits absolutely everyone.

These form-fitting A-line shorts from Madewell are made from structured denim that offers enough stretch while still looking and feeling like it’s already broken in. With a 5.5″ inseam, they’re the perfect length that’s neither too long nor too short. They have front welt pockets that hide the pockets along the waistband, giving these classic shorts a fun vintage look.

Levi’s 501 jeans will remain a classic until the end of time, and the fact that they’ve released mid-thigh shorts is a real game changer. These shorts are made from 100% cotton and have a broken-in look, so if someone asks you if they’re vintage, you can basically say yes.

Another vintage-looking classic from Levi’s, their 80s mom shorts are a reliable option that you can wear again summer after summer. Their high waist and A-line silhouette give everyone a flattering silhouette. They’re short, but still long enough to cover you up and ensure no wardrobe problems arise.

Whether you like it or not, denim shorts have been back in style for a long time. Try out this trend with this pair from Levi’s. Made from 95% cotton, they have a 6.5″ inseam, aren’t too long, and offer a loose fit that you can pair with all your tank tops, tees, or button-down shirts all season long.

Everlane’s jeans are not to be missed. These shorts are made from 100% non-stretch organic cotton, so you know they’ll feel soft yet durable. This pair flares out at the hem and sits just right at the upper thigh, so the hem isn’t too tight or uncomfortable on the thigh.

Not into the high-waist look? Old Navy always has some of the best jeans with options for every possible rise, and these Mid-Rise Boyfriend Cut-Off Shorts sit right below the belly button for a perfect mid-rise waist. These cotton shorts have a good, soft stretch and aren’t skin-tight, so they’re ideal for occasions where you’ll be wearing them for a long time. Let’s not forget to mention that this high-quality pair is on sale for $20 right now.

Gaps jeans will win every time, and their low-rise jean shorts are a perfect option if you want to try the low-rise trend this summer. They’re loose in the hip and thigh and made from 95% non-stretch cotton material. These jeans only get better with time. An investment if you ask us.

Looking for shorts that are really comfortable and won’t break the bank? These ones are for you. They’re made from 99% cotton, so they won’t sag throughout the day, but will instead mold to your body shape as you wear them (and look cute while doing it!). Plus, they’re on sale right now for $25.

& Other Stories really has some of the best denim options and I’m ready to tell the world! Their denim shorts are soft and comfortable, but still have that worn-in, hard denim look. Since they’re made from non-stretch denim, these might be some of the most comfortable denim shorts on the market.

Zara shows us that mom fit shorts aren’t going out of style anytime soon. These denim shorts are made from 99% cotton and are a great choice if you want a quality pair of denim shorts. With their affordable price, we recommend buying a pair in each color.

Cuffed shorts never go out of style and Mango knew what they were doing when they made this pair. Made from 100% cotton, these shorts are soft and stretchy so you can wear them all day long. With an inseam that hits mid-thigh, these shorts will definitely be with you on every summer activity on your calendar.