“Insider Look at BarkBox: Evaluating Its Worth and Benefits”

"What You Should Expect from Your Subscription on a Monthly Basis"

I have crafted comprehensive reviews for BarkBox spanning more than a year. The sheer joy I encountered upon receiving my initial box established a consistent theme throughout my subsequent experiences. It was indeed an instant affection from the very first box onwards.

Continuing to hold its position as one of my preferred monthly subscriptions, BarkBox conveniently spares me the trip to my nearby pet supply store. I aim to provide a thorough overview of this canine-centric subscription service, covering the sign-up process, addressing common queries, detailing monthly offerings, and highlighting personal favorite selections.

Each BarkBox delivery includes a curated selection comprising two novel plush toys, two packets of all-natural treats, and a chew item. Characterized by charming themes, every box showcases creatively crafted, high-quality contents suitable for the typical canine chewer.

For those with energetic and robust canine companions, consider exploring BarkBox’s Super Chewer subscription. Tailored specifically for heavy chewers, this option offers durable toys devoid of fluffy components. Feel free to peruse our comprehensive Super Chewer reviews for further insight.

About BarkBox

BarkBox operates as a monthly subscription service for dogs, delivering a curated assortment in each box. Typically, recipients can expect two distinctive toys, often plushies, alongside two packages of all-natural treats, and one chew item. The contents of the box are tailored to suit the recipient’s dog, factoring in their weight and any known allergies, including those to chicken, turkey, and beef, which are accounted for during the checkout process.

Every BarkBox features a meticulously curated theme, with each premium item seamlessly aligning with it. Occasionally, the assortment includes toys inspired by popular culture icons and events. Past examples have included toys depicting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Peanuts characters, Marvel themes, and even toys commemorating events like “4/20”.

This subscription is tailored for dog owners seeking to indulge their pets with durable and entertaining themed toys that bring joy to the entire household. The nutritious treats included in each monthly box are sure to be a hit with your furry companion. Both the toys and treats are exclusive to BarkBox, distinguished by their superior quality standards.

  • The Cost: $29 a month + free shipping. Save with a longer subscription plan.
  • Ships to: The contiguous US for free; Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for $8
  • Billing Cycle: You are billed by the 3rd of each month and your box should ship around the 15th
The Pros:
  • The delight my dogs experience from this subscription is invaluable.
  • Monthly arrivals of fresh toys and treats negate the need for pet store visits.
  • The treats provided are exceptionally healthy and natural, free from wheat, corn, soy, and fillers.
The Cons:
  • Some subscribers may find themselves accumulating a surplus of plush toys throughout their household, leading to heightened excitement among their furry companions. This abundance of toys may seem substantial for certain dog owners considering it’s a monthly subscription service.
Is It Worth It?
  • Without a doubt, this monthly subscription box is a hit in my household with three dogs. Each of them is thoroughly enamored with its contents, making it a cherished addition to our routine.

I’d Recommend BarkBox If You

  • Seeking an exciting monthly surprise for your canine companions?
  • Prioritize natural, healthier treats and goodies for your beloved dogs?
  • Value well-crafted and often amusing dog toys that endure the playtime of average chewers?
How to Sign Up For BarkBox?

The signup process is simple and charming, reflecting a delightful experience. It requests fundamental details about your dog, such as size, birthday, and breed. Additionally, it accommodates the entry of multiple breeds for dogs of mixed heritage.

Valuable Information: In the event that you have a dog similar to Piper, who may lack teeth, please reach out to the BarkBox team via email at happy@barkbox.com or engage in a chat with them to communicate your specific needs. They are committed to accommodating such requests and will endeavor to include softer treats in your subscription.

What to Expect In a BarkBox Monthly Box?

Every box is uniquely themed, featuring treats and BarkBox toys tailored to your dog’s size. These themes are often amusing, and the BarkBox team excels in creating imaginative toys that appeal not only to our furry friends but also to us humans.

Each toy is equipped with a variety of engaging features, including squeakers, crinkles, balls, and more. These elements effectively maintain my dogs’ interest, and thus far, none of the toys have been destroyed.

Despite Charlie and Piper’s smaller size, I opted for the medium-sized box to accommodate Tucker, who is larger. While Tucker may not be classified as a super chewer, he has not managed to tear apart any of the toys provided.

I value the exceptional quality and healthiness of the treats, particularly as Charlie’s stomach seems sensitive to wheat-containing recipes. BarkBox’s treats, crafted in the USA and Canada, boast an all-natural composition, free from wheat, corn, soy, and fillers, earning them an A+ rating in my book!

We prioritize providing our dogs with the highest quality food within our means, and it brings me satisfaction knowing that this effort is not compromised by unhealthy treats. Additionally, I must commend the intriguing flavor combinations featured in these treat bags. Our selections have ranged from banana to cricket, showcasing a diverse and adventurous assortment.

Themed Boxes

A notable aspect of the BarkBox subscription is the introduction of a fresh theme with each monthly delivery. It’s evident that the BarkBox team takes great pleasure in conceiving these imaginative themes, a testament to their creativity and dedication.

Both of the plush toys included in your subscription will align with the monthly theme, ensuring a cohesive experience. Additionally, while not always guaranteed, the natural treat and chew selections will typically complement the overall curation of the box.

I’ve noticed occasional instances where treat bags arrive that don’t strictly adhere to the theme. However, this is usually due to BarkBox’s customer support accommodating Piper’s need for soft treats. This slight deviation is certainly worthwhile considering the personalized attention to our pet’s preferences.

Here are some of favorite themes:
Plush Toys

BarkBox plush toys consistently feature a delightful array of features, including fluff, squeakers, crinkle material, and other surprises such as hidden treat compartments and pull ropes. These premium toys are designed to withstand extensive playtime and typically exhibit remarkable durability for the majority of dogs.

None of my dogs, including Tucker, who is larger in size, have been able to destroy any of the toys provided by BarkBox. For those with dogs prone to shredding toys, I highly recommend considering BarkBox’s Super Chewer box. Additionally, the toys offer enjoyable playtime experiences, particularly beneficial for individuals working from home and spending increased time with their pets.

They appreciate new toys each month for playtime!

The creativity showcased in these toys is truly remarkable. From a plush golden toilet to a crinkle fluff guitar complete with a functional strap, and even a reversible squeaker bib resembling a tuxedo, the assortment never fails to impress. Each month brings an exciting new surprise in the form of these imaginative creations.

All Natural Treats

The monthly assortment of healthy treats is as inventive as the toys, featuring clever and playful names alongside unexpected yet delightful ingredients. The BarkBox team excels in crafting treats that offer a diverse range of shapes, tastes, smells, and textures, ensuring an enjoyable experience for your canine companion.

These treats are highly effective for training purposes, as having a supply of natural treats provides a rewarding incentive for good behavior. Personally, I find myself frequently rewarding the dogs with treats, whether it’s for displaying cuteness or engaging in typical dog behaviors like lounging on the couch. As a result, my household goes through a considerable amount of treats.

The treats primarily feature meat-based ingredients such as lamb, beef, chicken, and pork, although they are frequently paired with a variety of unconventional ingredients and flavors. Recent examples include banana, lavender, crickets, bourbon, chamomile, honey, carrots, cranberries, and chia seeds.

Should your dog have any allergies or specific dietary requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact BarkBox customer support at happy@barkbox.com. They are dedicated to providing excellent assistance and ensuring the well-being of both you and your beloved pet.

The Verdict - Is BarkBox Worth It?
  • Each month, our household eagerly anticipates the arrival of this subscription service, although perhaps with the exception of the cat. If you’re considering a dog subscription box, I highly recommend giving it a try. In my opinion, it offers exceptional value. Allow me to elaborate on the reasons why:
  • It brings pure enjoyment: Regardless of whether you’re spending more time at home lately, the arrival of new toys from BarkBox adds extra playtime excitement for both my dogs and myself. When the box arrives, it becomes a household event, making the subscription truly worthwhile.
  • Enhances the bond with my dogs: As Piper and Charlie have matured, engaging them in play requires ingenuity, a need that BarkBox fulfills abundantly. This subscription was particularly beneficial when introducing Tucker to the pack, fostering group play and socialization among them.
  • Offers excellent value and convenience: Apart from the reduced outings, the subscription saves me from spending more at local pet stores. Quality dog toys are often pricey, and natural treats come with a hefty price tag. BarkBox provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Provides exceptional variety: The assortment of treats featuring unique flavors and textures never fails to impress me each month. The high-quality plush toys boast intriguing features that keep my dogs entertained, ensuring they never get bored.
  • Outstanding customer support: The BarkBox support team is exceptionally helpful and accommodating. They promptly addressed Piper’s dental concerns by ensuring soft treats were included in each box. Their willingness to personalize the subscription to meet my dogs’ needs reflects their genuine love for animals.