Heatwave coming? How to survive it and look good doing it

Heatwave coming? How to survive it and look good doing it

Every summer I feel a little stingy when the first heatwave hits (and doesn’t seem to be going away). While my friends plan beach trips or escape to cooler climes, I think about how my clothes will be soaked with sweat the minute I leave the house and rub calamine lotion on my million mosquito bites. But when the next heatwave hits, I’m determined not to let anything spoil my fun. That means battling an inevitable summer phenomenon: sweat (lots of it).

To be honest, I’d call myself a sweaty girl. Anxiety-inducing situations or just a little bit of heat somehow make me sweat, so naturally I sweat like crazy in the summer. But I absolutely refuse to let that get in the way of my summer style. Since coming to terms with my self-proclaimed identity as a “sweaty girl,” I’ve put a lot of effort into figuring out how to balance my wardrobe with my lifestyle.

When temperatures are above 27 degrees, you’ll only see me in linen and cotton, and of course, summer dresses and shorts are my absolute best friends. If you’re looking for ways to manage your sweat this year, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the right underwear

While it’s important to pay attention to the fabric of your outer layers to avoid excessive sweating, what you wear underneath is also super important. We all know the feeling of wearing an uncomfortable bra that pinches and rubs in the worst way, and how it somehow feels 100x worse when it’s above 24 degrees outside. So we recommend opting for seamless and wire-free bras from EBY to keep everything breathable and light all summer long. EBY is a women-led, all-sizes lingerie brand that uses a non-slip nylon grip to prevent the dreaded slipping, sliding or chafing, keeping us safe not just in the heat but in any weather year-round. The mesh back also offers optimal breathability, so you’ll basically never want to wear another bra again.

Choose the Fabrics You Wear Strategically

One of the easiest ways to control sweat in your everyday life is to pay attention to the fabrics you wear. Cotton and linen are the best choices for staying cool while keeping sweat at bay. Try to avoid polyester if you know you’re going into a situation where you might feel the heat more than usual (a hot day, a morning with an important meeting, etc.).

While it’s important to pay attention to the fabric composition of your clothes, color is just as important. Darker colors (usually) hide potential armpit stains, but grays and more muted tones bring them out in full force. While the fabric type and color of the clothing you choose may seem like small details, they make a big difference when you’re out on a sweaty day.

Opt for cuts that won't cling to sweaty areas

We’re looking at you, baby t-shirts. Unfortunately, just because the garment is 100% cotton or advertised as “wicking” doesn’t mean the cut of the garment will make all the difference in whether or not you sweat. For example, a 100% cotton baby t-shirt will usually fit closer to the body and cut right into the armpit, trapping heat and accentuating armpit stains (which can also be uncomfortable).

Try wearing cuts that cling to sweaty areas in a more forgiving way, like a tank top instead of a tight t-shirt or a flowy blouse instead of a tight one. Loose dresses, breezy wide-leg pants, and non-tight cuts are your absolute best friends during these times.

Don't limit deodorant to just your armpits

You heard right: Deodorant doesn’t have to be just for your armpits. While there’s nothing wrong with applying deodorant wherever you sweat most, there are products specifically designed for those areas too (yes, you heard right). Under the breasts, down the back, a swipe across the neck—no judgement here.

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