You asked, we answered: The 12 Best Deodorants You Should Get

You asked, we answered: The 12 Best Deodorants You Should Get

Finding the best deodorants is often a lot harder than it should be. When it comes to personal care and deodorants, it’s anything but a “one size fits all” solution. If you sweat a lot, you need an antiperspirant; if you’re sensitive and get an underarm rash, you should probably use a more natural deodorant. If you’re concerned about odor, you need to focus on antibacterial ingredients. But what if those concerns overlap? How come this deodorant doesn’t have aluminum but the other one does? Why does it burn? Am I the one who smells like that? What does it all mean?

These are the questions that run through my mind as I peruse the selection on the deodorant shelf at the store. While the selection seems to be getting bigger and more and more changing, the list of really good deodorants seems to stay the same.

What's the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

It’s important to note the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirant is different from plain deodorant because its primary function is to reduce sweat production rather than just masking odors. To do this, they rely on ingredients like aluminum, which stops sweat.

The primary purpose of deodorants is to mask odors, but they don’t block sweat, so if you’re someone who sweats a lot, you might want to opt for an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant. Since deodorants primarily mask odors, they’re usually made with fewer ingredients, which gives them the opportunity to use more natural ingredients than antiperspirants.

If you’re tired of trying deodorant after deodorant and still haven’t found a good one, start here. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best deodorants you can buy, no matter what interests you.

Best Antiperspirants

As a certified Sweaty Girl (no shame, we all do it!), I know that once you find the perfect antiperspirant that works for you, you want to keep it forever and pray it never stops working (why do deodorants do that anyway?).

Certain Dri is a prescription, fragrance-free antiperspirant. When we say “prescription,” we mean it. Certain Dri is for hyperhidrosis-level underarm sweat. It’s super strong and fights sweat in an intense (and affordable!) way. Because of its strength, it can leave you with a rash or irritation if you use too much or are very sensitive. There are a lot of rules to using a strong antiperspirant like this, but if you use it correctly and with caution, it will fix all your sweaty girl problems.

This gel antiperspirant from Secret is for the type of person who loves a deodorant that does its job while smelling fresh. It glides on clear so you don’t have to worry about annoying stains. However, if you have more of a sensitive skin type, this product may not be for you.

I’ve heard so many people sing the praises of this Degree antiperspirant. It has a fresh laundry scent and works better the more active or on the go you are. Plus, it doesn’t leave white marks on black clothes or yellow marks on white clothes. Can you believe this one does it all?

Anything that offers “triple odor protection,” I’m all in. I was surprised when I did my research to find that so many women absolutely love this antiperspirant. It’s guaranteed to last up to 48 hours, and at this affordable price, we recommend buying two.

The Best Deodorants for Odors

When it comes to odors, you’ll want to use a deodorant with antibacterial ingredients that kill odors at the source. That’s where skincare-like ingredients like AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) come in. AHAs and BHAs are types of hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin, making odor-causing bacteria less likely to stick to it. AHAs and BHA deodorants tend to be water and serum-based, so most of these feel wetter and need to dry after application, so patience is the name of the game here. They also tend to be more expensive than your regular deodorant stickk, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Tip: If you’ve just shaved your armpits or washed them in the shower with another antibacterial cleanser, wait a few minutes before applying serum deodorant to avoid burning or irritation.

I don’t want to exaggerate, but this deodorant has changed my life. I’ve never used deodorants with scents. Until this deodorant. I wasn’t quite on the AHA/BHA deodorant bandwagon. Until this deodorant. Although it’s advertised as a “skincare” deodorant with acidic ingredients, it couldn’t be gentler. It does a great job of eliminating the worst of body odor (apply right after you shower!) and doesn’t have that “deodorant smell” that most deodorants have. Honestly, the scents are subtly perfume-like and have gotten me some serious compliments.

Kosas AHA Serum Deodorant is a roll-on deodorant that’s packed with skincare ingredients that literally kill odor-causing bacteria. It brightens your skin, reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs, and rolls on clear. It’s a great option, but it’s on the pricier side as far as serum deodorants go.

I’m sure we’ve all seen those Lume ads on YouTube or Instagram, and if you’ve ever wondered, “Does this really work?”, the answer is yes. This aluminum-free deodorant comes in multiple formats (sticks, lotions, or creams) and actually controls even the strongest body odor. It’s also safe to use on areas other than the underarms, which is a plus. Because of its special formula, it doesn’t smell like your typical deodorant, so if you don’t like a particular scent, Lume isn’t for you either. For a more neutral scent, I would recommend the “Lavender Sage” or “Unscented” scent.