These beach bag essentials will make or break your days in the sun

These beach bag essentials will make or break your days in the sun

Is anyone else counting down the days until their first beach day of the year? I can’t think of a better way to spend a warm summer day than hanging out on the sand from sunrise to sunset. But a trip to the beach doesn’t just require a great swimsuit that you’re comfortable in; you also need a special kind of packing, with a bag full of beach essentials that will help you through anything a day in the sun can bring.

In my circle of friends, I’m notoriously known as the girl who’s prepared for anything—from band-aids for blisters on a night out to hand cream in my shopping bag—so of course I have a note in my phone to send to anyone who asks, “What do I take to the beach?”

Your beach towel is a must-have, so why not a fun towel that adds a pop of color? This bold, printed option will bring tons of good vibes to your day at the beach or pool.

While your beach towel is for drying off, your beach blanket is for lying on. Claim your space on the sand with this easily packable beach blanket that you’ll be laying on all summer long.

Leave your small water bottle at home and pack your largest one for the beach—after all, hydration is key. This one has a lock to ensure no pesky sand gets into your water.

What’s the best way to protect your face from the sun’s UV rays? With sunscreen and a hat. This cute sun hat is easily packable and will transform your pool outfit into a full-on look.

You probably don’t even need to pack your sunglasses since they’ll be on your face all day, but we’re partial to this chic, round pair.

The best part about a beach day is that you have the option to wear a chic crocheted cover-up. You can throw it on when you go to and from the water and even use it as a dress when you head to post-beach happy hour later in the day.

Leave your leather wallet at home and opt for a nylon wallet for your beach day. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and ensures you don’t have to worry about sand or water getting on it.

Whether you wear it or throw it in your bag, this waterproof pouch will protect your phone from the elements all day long.

Kindles are made to be taken on the go. Forgo your book on your beach day and rely on an easy-to-carry, compact Kindle for reading instead.

If you spend all day outside, there’s a good chance your phone will die. Be prepared with this portable charger that easily fits in the pocket of your beach bag.

The most important part of your beach bag? The little pouch you keep inside. This nylon pouch keeps all your small essentials compact, easy to find, and protected from the sun and sand.

Sunscreen is a given for a day at the beach, and this one smells so good you’ll actually want to reapply it.

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