The 6 Swimwear Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

The 6 Swimwear Trends You'll See Everywhere This Summer

When I shop for swimwear, what’s considered “in” is the last thing on my mind. Instead, I think like this: If I’m paying $90 for a top and bottom, they have to last at least a few seasons. Like most, I buy swimwear with timelessness and quality in mind. However, a swimsuit is an easy way to experiment with your style. Ultimately, fashion is supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than a shimmery bikini? If you’re about to embark on your search for your favorite suit, consider basing your shopping habits on summer’s most popular swimwear trends.

To get the inside scoop on this year’s trends, we asked 437 co-founders Hyla Nayeri and Andrien Bettio. According to the pair, this year’s trends follow the overarching fashion themes of the moment (read: blush pink, flirty cuts, and anything Western-inspired). Regardless of the trends, both experts agree that the most important thing is to choose cuts that you feel comfortable in and that flatter your body.

Below, we’ll dive into this summer’s most popular swimwear trends (pun intended), from flirty core to quiet luxe and more.

1. Flirty

“Feminine hues and details will be extremely popular,” note Nayeri and Bettio. “Think flirty bows, baby pink, etc.” Although the bow craze has died down a bit since the holiday season, it’s undeniably cute. While the flirty look may seem unrealistic in your everyday wardrobe, it’s undeniably cute and much more subtle in swimwear.

2. Quiet Luxury

Sofia Richie Grainge just announced her collaboration with swimwear brand Solid & Striped, showing that the trend for quiet luxury-influenced looks (and SRG’s influence!) isn’t going away anytime soon. “Popular aesthetics play a huge role in swimwear trends,” the co-founders note—and let’s be honest, what is the quiet luxury aesthetic other than simple yet effective styles? Simple black swimsuits in signature cuts or one-pieces with chic details are forever timeless and worth the money.

3. Sporty

If sporty swimwear looks weren’t on your summer swimwear trend bingo card, then join the club. While it may feel like a sporty-inspired swimwear trend came out of the blue, it’s quite the opposite. Swimwear should be two things: cute and practical, with the latter being far more important. You get the best of both worlds with these styles. Swimwear you can actually swim in? Sign us up.

4. Boho-inspired

What next era is expected to make a fashion comeback? The ’70s. There’s no doubt that pop culture moments have a fashion effect – hello, Daisy Jones and the Six – and coupled with the return of crochet looks, ruffled blouses and flared jeans, it’s only logical that boho-inspired swimwear will be trending this summer. In particular, you’ll see the ’70s influence in balconette-style tops, extra-high-waisted bottoms and boyshort cuts.

5. High shine

Since last year, metallic shades have continued to be at the top of the trend hierarchy, so it’s only logical that they’re popular in swimwear too. From all-metallic suits to muted-toned swimwear dusted with glitter, high-shine bikinis are a great way to make a statement. Heading to a tropical destination with plenty of nightlife? These are the suits you can pack in your carry-on.

6. Western

This isn’t Texas, it’s the pool. Along with Beyoncé’s influence, western fashion is about to get even bigger (if that’s possible). “Western style is a huge trend,” the founders note, so expect “everything from plaid and denim for a more literal take on the trend to [things] like ‘Coastal Cowgirl’ with a slightly cuter approach.”

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