The 10 Best Sports Bras Online

The 10 Best Sports Bras Online

When it comes to working out, you may not realize how much gear you need to ensure a smooth workout. Of course, you can throw on a t-shirt and shorts and call it a day, but one major factor that makes or ruins your experience is the type of sports bra you wear. I’m sure we all remember the school days of holding our breasts while running in gym class, and with the right sports bra, we can now assure you that your girls aren’t going anywhere.

Choosing a perfect sports bra is entirely up to you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Dependent factors include your cup size, the type of workout you do, and the amount of support you want from your sports bra. For more intense workouts and sports, you’ll need a sports bra with more support, while less intense workouts won’t require quite as much support.

For Light Workouts

For light workouts, more support from your bra is usually not required. For workouts in this category, like walking, yoga, strength training, or barre classes, a low-support sports bra is often perfectly adequate. Low-support sports bras are usually one-sidedly lined, have no padding, thinner or narrower straps that can’t be adjusted, provide light compression, and can sometimes be used as a workout top. If you have a smaller cup size, low-support sports bras may be best for you.

Best Comfort

Ideal for yoga or studio workouts, Athleta’s Warrior Longline Bra is made from a soft, buttery fabric that won’t pinch. It has a thicker bust band so it stays in place but isn’t constricting or tight. It has no padding or cups, but is sweat-wicking so you’ll stay dry even in the hottest hot yoga classes.

Best Budget Option

If you take one thing away from this article, it’s this: Don’t miss out on Old Navy’s activewear! Old Navy offers high-quality activewear at an affordable price. The PowerSoft line is super comfortable for working out because it’s stretchy but still offers light compression. This V-neck bra can also be used as a tank top, so you can wear it in or out of the gym.

Best for Style

SET Active’s workout sets are trendy and stylish, but believe it or not, they also support you pretty damn well while you work out. Their iconic Box Cut Bra is great for light workouts like Pilates and walking and isn’t too compressive. The square neckline conforms to the shape of your body and is flattering on all body types.

Best for Everyday Wear

Lululemon’s Like a Cloud fabric is made from a soft, stretchy, sweat-wicking material that’s so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing a bra. This bra has soft foam cups that make it a great bra for everyday wear, not just when you’re working out. It also comes in an option for larger cup sizes.

Best Amazon Pick

CRZ Yoga is one of Amazon’s best-selling activewear brands, and if you haven’t tried one yet, now’s the time. (Believe us, it’s literally many of our editors’ favorite activewear brand on Amazon.) This low-support sports bra can be worn in or out of the gym and is designed to move with your movements while keeping you comfortable.

For Medium-Impact Workouts

For workouts like Pilates, hiking, or light cardio, medium-support sports bras are your best bet. Medium support sports bras offer plenty of support – but not too much. They fit snugly against your body, ensuring they don’t move or slip as you move. Depending on the level of support they offer, medium support sports bras can be either pull-on or with clasps and fasteners. These types of sports bras usually have extra lining or boning to keep you in place.

Best Overall

If you’re looking for a basic sports bra that does the job (and looks cute while doing it), this bra from Lululemon is for you. It offers medium support, making it suitable for a range of workouts. It’s comfortable and stretchy, but still gives you support where you need it.

Best Tank Bra

Girlfriend Collective prides itself on making activewear from sustainable materials in sizes XXS to 6XL, and boy, do they do it damn well. Their sports bras are on the more compressive side and can usually be worn as a top when not being worn as activewear. (Wouldn’t you call that girl math when you get a bra and top for the price of one?!) Due to the compression, we recommend going up a size for a less compressive, more regular fit, or staying true to size for a true compression feel.

Best Budget Option

Old Navy’s PowerSoft Cross-Strap Sports Bra features thick cross straps and molded cups for the support you need. It’s said to offer medium support for cups A-C and light support for cups D and larger. The PowerSoft material is soft and smooth, so you’ll feel comfortable throughout your workout.

Best for Everyday Wear

Looking for a bra that you can easily grab on your weekly grocery run? This option from Target ticks all the boxes for a perfect sports bra, no matter the occasion. The sewn-in cups provide shape, while the thick straps and scoop neck let you use it as a workout tank top too.

Best Amazon Pick

If you don’t want anything too compressive but still want plenty of support, this simple medium support sports bra is for you. Don’t believe us? Ask the over 40,000 people who bought it and raved about it.

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