My top style priority is comfort—this is my top summer clothing hack

My top style priority is comfort—this is my top summer clothing hack

Summer clothing is meant to be easy. When the weather is warm and you’re spending more time outside than inside, outfits need to be two things: fuss-free and comfortable. If there’s a chic solution that meets both criteria, I’m ready to wear it again and again, which is why I’m filling my closet with everything made of linen this season.

From casual linen pants to simple linen dresses, the natural, lightweight fabric adds an effortless element to everything it adorns. It’s airy and comfortable, but somehow looks more polished than denim—a win-win.

I plan to switch to linen all summer long, and you’d be remiss if you didn’t jump on that bandwagon too. Here are all the linen pieces I’m eyeing now, and how I care for them.

How to Keep Linen Wrinkle-Free

Because linen has low elasticity, it wrinkles very easily. Some degree of wrinkling is inevitable; even if you steam your laundry before leaving the house, wrinkles will likely form throughout the day as you move around in it and sit in it throughout the day. If you want to keep your laundry as wrinkle-free as possible, here are some things to do:

Air dry immediately after washing

Store hanging in a closet (instead of folding)

If you iron or steam, do so while the laundry is still slightly damp

Don’t have time to iron or steam? Spray it with an anti-wrinkle spray

How to Wash Linen

You don’t have to worry about your laundry pilling, but unfortunately it can shrink pretty easily. Choosing high-quality linen pieces that have been washed before you buy them can help you avoid the dreaded “that doesn’t fit me anymore” debacle after one wash.

Before washing your linen pieces, be sure to read the care label instructions and follow them carefully. Cold or warm water is best for linen, as hot water can cause it to shrink. Never use bleach on your laundry; a simple cold wash cycle with a mild detergent is ideal. To further prevent shrinkage, hang clothes to dry after washing rather than throwing them in the dryer.

Our Favorite Linen Pieces

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