Modern wardrobe designs to add a creative spark to your bedroom

Modern wardrobe designs are uncompromising, wild, sometimes solid and sometimes adventurous. Here are a few ideas that you may want to use in your bedroom.

What is modern? That which is not traditional, vintage or perhaps old. Isn’t that what you think? Modern truly defines new ideas, a contemporary view of things, a deeply personal reflection of who we are, where we stay and what we do. Modern wardrobes are not only characterized by a different look and style, but are also closely linked to our personality. Today’s homes have moved away from traditional design, where aesthetics were different and function was the priority. Back then, wardrobes and other furniture were simpler, had a more organic purpose, were made primarily of wood, and had a uniform design.

Modern wardrobe designs are non-compliant. They question the status quo, explore, create and experiment with styles, textures and materials. They look stylish and trendy, but most importantly, they reflect your personality. When you travel the world as a businesswoman, you want a wardrobe that’s organized, stylish and easily accessible. Likewise, an artist would draw inspiration and art from wardrobes that are creatively structured and colorful. Since they are the first things we see when we wake up and before going to bed, the wardrobe needs to be designed with care, effort and a lot of creativity.

What types of designs exude modernity while still deviating from the traditional two-door wardrobe look we’re all used to? Let’s find out below.

Art spares no modern wardrobe

The days when paintings could only be seen on canvases or walls are long gone. When there was a predefined space for every design and decor element. Modern wooden wardrobe designs for bedrooms today go beyond this. They emphasize beauty through illustrations on the surface and represent art that speaks to you. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Why don’t you wake up with this realization every day of your life? Artistic designs on wardrobes can be pre-made or painted over, created using stencils or woodcuts – the possibilities are endless. Your creativity even more so.

Modern wardrobe designs to add a creative spark to your bedroom

Seeing is believing in the modern bedroom wardrobe

What you see is what you believe goes a popular quote. The best way to achieve this and showcase your wardrobe is with see-through wardrobes. With a front made of plain or frosted glass, they look beautiful against the wood grain. Modern bedroom closets just need regular cleaning and maintenance, but you can find everything you’re looking for, including clothes you would have otherwise spent months looking for. A great idea for such wardrobes is to keep the frame of the wardrobe a bold color while keeping drawers and cabinets a lighter color to create a nice contrast.

In a small bedroom, Patchy isn't always messy

Wardrobe design surfaces in patchwork or geometric patterns are interesting, especially if the rest of your bedroom is decorated in neutral colors or pastel tones. An unusual design, patchwork wardrobes can be an art to flaunt a hobby. It can be either masonry patches or applique inspired patches, the possibilities are endless. With geometric designs, either square or repeating patterns, the trick is to either use simple lines or rely on contrasting colors and bold messages.

Mirror, mirror, show me what you can see in the bedroom

The modern wardrobe in the master bedroom with a mirror finish makes your bedroom seem much larger. Mirror surfaces are elegant, reserved and at the same time stylish and chic. They best represent today’s times and don’t need much to complement the overall design of the room. If you want to add mirrors to your closet, consider whether you want to do it on just a single door or throughout. Also whether textured mirrors can add a little interest.

Modern wardrobe designs to add a creative spark to your bedroom

Paneled walls for simple elegance with sliding wardrobe

For large master bedrooms, modern bedroom wardrobe designs include huge bedroom closets that resemble walk-in closets. Panels built into the wall offer enough space and can be designed depending on function and use. This type of wardrobe is not limited to just two doors, but you can add several of them including drawers to make it easier to use. Paneling in darker tones contrasting with a lighter wall color looks beautiful and also feels spacious.

You will never run out of space, even in the master bedroom

In the older context, we always thought of wardrobes as small cupboards or closets. In a new avatar, they are single-walled or L-shaped, but smaller, longer and with open storage on the top. Ceiling-to-floor wardrobes defy all of this. They are built to utilize all available space. Such wardrobes can be a bit expensive given the amount of material, but the storage and design options are enormous. In addition to the two-door option, separate drawers and smaller built-in cupboards can be installed to store various other clothing items. This allows you to expand the limits of storage capacity. This wardrobe can seem overwhelming with a darker shade, but a lighter facade can highlight and expand the space in the bedroom.

Modern wooden wardrobe designs keep memories alive

Wood brings back memories. Of smoky kitchens, of granite floors and houses with columns and wooden steps. Wood is everlasting and offers the opportunity to design modern bedroom wardrobes with wood. This material is now synonymous with style, simplicity and exudes the same elegance. Wood cabinets can be used as individual materials or in combination with metal, gold accents, and even colored glass. Once you’ve finished your room, decide whether it can stand up to the splendor of wood. Choose the shades – mahogany or brown – and the style you want, small wardrobes or floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.

Reflect on yourself

Modern bedroom wardrobe designs place great emphasis on reflective doors. There are tons of colors and yet the material remains the same. Reflective doors are a great alternative to mirrors, especially if you don’t like looking in them but want the wardrobe to be just as stylish. Glossy laminates for your bedroom cabinets are available in countless colors, styles and textures. Would you like to be in the best mood first thing in the morning? Then try reflective closet doors for the ultimate style.

Doors that add an interesting element to the bedroom wardrobe

Modern closet doors are not limited to the types of opening and closing. They can also be sliding, folding and partially folding. Why is that important? Because bedrooms are limited to smaller spaces, few have the luxury of space. There’s also more furniture that fits in there, so there’s plenty to do. At such moments, the cabinet doors need to be imaginative and clever, and then you can experiment with what you want to do with them.