Less is more: Why skipping this product is 2024’s biggest makeup trend

Less is more: Why skipping this product is 2024's biggest makeup trend

As a beauty editor who’s been in the industry for nearly a decade, beauty trends rarely surprise me. This year alone, we’ve seen a comeback of grungy eye makeup, graphic eyeliners taking center stage, and bold hair colors everywhere we looked. However, after the 2024 Met Gala, there was one makeup trend that really shocked me: the lack of mascara. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gracie Abrams, and Riley Keough walked the red carpet with dreamy makeup looks consisting of colorful eyeshadow, effortless contour, and glossy lips—but not a hint of mascara in sight. And while the lack of dark, bold lashes was unexpected, it’s a beauty trend we can get behind. Below, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about 2024’s biggest makeup trend.

Why No Mascara Is Trending

Natural beauty is trending right now, driven by a desire for authenticity and simplicity. Because of this, people are opting for less mascara—and makeup—overall. With a focus on paring down makeup and skincare routines, beauty enthusiasts are opting for looks that accentuate their natural features rather than those with heavy makeup. If we look closer, this trend actually aligns with a growing shift toward sustainability and conscious consumerism, making people more inclined to use fewer products while appreciating their natural looks. (Even though beauty fans and celebrities are pairing their no-mascara looks with eye shadow, lip gloss, and blush, they’re still opting for less heavily made-up looks.)

Less is more: Why skipping this product is 2024's biggest makeup trend

The Importance of Skin Prep

At its core, the no-mascara trend is about celebrating natural beauty. By foregoing mascara, people can actually accentuate the texture and color of their lashes, which are often completely hidden under layers of product. The result? A fresh, clean aesthetic that highlights other features (like dewy skin and naturally flushed cheeks). What the no-mascara look ultimately proves is that less makeup is more.

As the no-mascara trend puts natural beauty front and center, it also highlights the importance of good skin care. With more emphasis on natural beauty, healthy-looking skin takes center stage. What we’ve already seen is that this shift is encouraging people to invest more in skin care products and routines that promote their skin health (think hydrating serums, sunscreens, and gentle cleansers), as opposed to makeup products that hide their appearance. The no-mascara trend goes hand in hand with skinimalism, where fewer, more effective products are the key to a glowing complexion.

Less is more: Why skipping this product is 2024's biggest makeup trend

How to get the look

Want to get in on this year’s hottest (and perhaps most controversial) beauty trend? Same goes for me. Luckily, there are a few ways to do it. First, you can game the system a little by getting your lashes lifted and tinted, or opting for false lashes instead. Both options will make your lashes pop even without mascara. On the other hand, if you really want to get on board with the trend, do your makeup as you normally would and forgo mascara. You can also try toning down your makeup and going for a no-makeup look, which is one of the best ways to pull off this trend. The choice is yours!

The point is, the no-mascara trend is more than just a fad; it’s proof of a major shift in the beauty world. By celebrating and appreciating natural beauty, promoting better skincare practices, and embracing a minimalist aesthetic, this trend shows that there is a desire to move closer to authenticity and sustainability. While forgoing mascara may be controversial for some, it’s a trend we support and want to flaunt at every opportunity.