Latest Curtains: Eight Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room

Add the right finishing touch to your living room with these beautiful modern curtain options

It’s 2020 and curtains for the living room are no longer just a functional necessity. Curtains can add style, elegance, drama and a lot of beauty to your living room. Curtains have so much to offer with their design, fabric, print, color and length. Choosing the best curtains for your living room depends on the design of your space. Curtains are usually chosen towards the end of the design process and this way you can always narrow down the ones that will harmonize with the aesthetic of your living room. If you’re looking for design inspiration for your curtains, take a look at these soothing modern curtain designs for the living room.

Neutral Colors to Match Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room

One of the surest ways to add elegance to your space is to use pleasant neutral colors. The living room here has been decorated in classic shades of brown, gray and white. The modern curtains for the living room blend in with the overall look; the delicate pattern on the white curtains adds a softer dimension to the design and together they help the room look calm and beautiful.

Contrasting Colors That Enhance Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room

Beautiful thick curtains are a great choice for living rooms that get plenty of natural light. They are an even better choice if you opt for contrasting colors that stand out. Here, the living and dining rooms are designed in beautiful neutral tones and the modern blue curtains add just the right amount of charm to the room!

Latest Curtains: Eight Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room

Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room: A Riot of Colors

Modern home design and decor doesn’t always have to be subtle. This living room is proof that warm, vibrant colors and different patterns can look equally modern and ultra-modern. The colorful curtains add to the beautiful riot of colors in the living room and the white sheer curtains balance brightness and warmth.

Add Some Drama with Curtains

This beautiful living space has a high ceiling, which gives plenty of scope for some drama with curtains. These floor-to-ceiling curtains are one of the stunning options for modern curtains for the living room and are ideal for bungalows or duplex apartments.

Pair it with the basics

If you want curtains that blend seamlessly into the living space, you can opt for sophisticated curtains in matching colors, patterns and textures that will do the job. These modern curtains for the living room stand out with the dark lining at the bottom, taking the style factor up several notches.

Latest Curtains: Eight Modern Curtain Designs for the Living Room

Light, modern curtains for the living room

We love airy curtains like these, and they are probably the easiest to find! If you want your curtains to be light, functional and bright like the sun, you can opt for curtains made of light and breathable fabrics and colors like the yellow used for this living room. Light curtains go well with rooms that don’t get much natural light, as well as small rooms – the colors help to spice up such rooms.

Custom-made blinds

For those of you looking for a different curtain option in terms of design and functionality, these blinds are the perfect choice. Modern blinds like these can be adjusted to fit the size of the window or door and are usually made from comfortable and soothing fabrics that strike the fine balance between letting in light and providing shade.

The Beauty of Sheer Curtains

Modern sheer curtains in white are the best choice in most rooms – they are simple, sophisticated, stunning and extremely functional. In rooms like bungalows, the dramatic length of the curtains becomes one of the standout features of the design.