From ultra-dated to dreamy: 5 inspiring living room makeovers before and after

Check out these living room before and after ideas if you’re planning to redesign your space

If you wake up every day in a drab and boring living room or come back to a cluttered one, you instinctively know it’s time for a significant change. No, don’t change the whole house! You just need to change the look of the living room. After all, this is the place where you receive your guests or meet with your family to recharge, so naturally it should look and feel cozier and more inviting. There are solutions for every budget, style and taste. Here are 5 incredible living room before and after ideas for a makeover that we’ve selected for you.

Living room before and after - transformed from gloomy to inviting

This living room has plenty of space, but it’s dark. The old dark-colored furniture and heavy blackout curtains don’t help. Its owners came to us for major help in livening up the space. It needed more than just a fresh coat of paint. We kept the unique false ceiling with several lights built in parallel, but made the lights bigger. This instantly brightened up the space. We also made a statement wall, used white marble as a backdrop for the TV unit and replaced the heavy curtains with sheer ones. The brown sectional and long modular TV unit, floating shelf, modular coffee table and fluffy grey rug completed the overall look of the living room.

From ultra-dated to dreamy: 5 inspiring living room makeovers before and after

A living room makeover before and after renovation that maximises available space

As soon as the owners saw the property when they moved in, they knew they had to do something about the yellow wall. The otherwise spacious and airy living room needed character. To give the yellow wall a new and more tasteful look, we wallpapered it. It’s a cost-effective and easy way to give any room a complete makeover. So we used two textured wallpapers in blue and grey to cover up the yellow tiled wall. We also replaced the existing TV unit with a modular bespoke piece that perfectly combines closed drawers and open shelving. We built a gallery wall for the TV with some floating shelves. The modular storage unit by the window doubles as extra seating for the living room. We placed the plush 4 seater sofa next to it to prevent the small living space from becoming overcrowded.

Before and after living room idea that turns the bare minimum into an absolute showstopper

This living room in a 40m2 studio apartment needed a major makeover. However, as it was a rental, we were not allowed to make any structural changes. Despite this, we completely transformed the living space. We repainted the walls in cream white and cement grey. We brought in a modular chest of drawers. It serves great as extra storage and also as a shelf to display some decorative vases and objects. A large blue rug with a grey 3-seater sofa, a large pouf and a stylish ornate coffee table transformed this corner of the studio. A few paintings, some pillows, blankets and a chic floor lamp completed the look. Now this apartment looks even warmer and more inviting.

From ultra-dated to dreamy: 5 inspiring living room makeovers before and after

Living room makeovers before and after renovation: From boring to fabulous

Living room makeovers are not as hard as you might think. But sometimes it takes something special – more than a fresh coat of paint and repositioning of furniture. Here’s how we gave this living room a new stylish look. The house had a great basic structure. So we left the existing structure of the living room untouched. We covered the wall behind the sofa with a brick pattern wallpaper. The owners disposed of the rented sofas and coffee table and decided to invest in new modular furniture. So we brought in our U-shaped sofa with a glass-topped coffee table. But the biggest change was the TV unit. Our designers customized it with a combination of closed drawers and open shelves and a whole new backdrop for the flat screen TV. We completed the look of the living room with accent lights, a decorative wall clock, display pieces and tastefully selected upholstered furniture.

Before and after living room idea that makes perfect use of a large space

When it comes to interior design of an urban home, a space that is too large is rarely a reason for complaint. This huge living room in a prime 3-bedroom apartment is every homeowner’s dream. It has two huge picture windows overlooking the greenery and a solid hardwood floor. All this living room needed was some carefully chosen and tasteful interior features. The star of the newly renovated room is the blue velvet sofa, which is contrasted by two yellow wing chairs that are cozy and fill the large space considerably. The combination acts as a perfect visual anchor for the overall golden color scheme of the room. A large vintage center table and a side table between the chairs give the elegant space a regal look. A round dining table separates the large living room into a seating area and a dining area.