“Exploring The Reeds at Shelter Haven: A Detailed Hotel Review”

Residing in the Philadelphia vicinity, I am an individual consistently seeking excellent destinations for relaxation, away from the daily grind of urban life. Upon learning about The Reeds at Shelter Haven and its convenient accessibility, my family and I promptly embarked on a two-hour journey from our residence to Stone Harbor, NJ.

When planning family excursions, we prioritize experiences that offer a blend of adventure and substantial leisure, yet we also seek retreats characterized by tranquility and refinement, all while adhering to a reasonable budget. Our recent discovery of The Reeds at Shelter Haven perfectly aligned with these criteria, affording us a serene and opulent retreat without exceeding our financial constraints. Consequently, I am eager to provide a comprehensive review of our stay at this esteemed establishment.

The Reeds at Shelter Haven resides in Stone Harbor, NJ, colloquially known as Shelter Haven, situated in close proximity to Avalon and approximately an hour’s drive from Philadelphia on favorable traffic days. Despite its modest size, Stone Harbor offers an array of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. From the picturesque bay, ideal for fishing enthusiasts, to its charming local shops promoting community commerce, and of course, the pristine beaches, there is no shortage of experiences to relish while staying in this quaint beach town.

Upon crossing the bridge into Stone Harbor, The Reeds is conveniently located mere moments away. The arrival process and check-in are seamlessly orchestrated, facilitating a hassle-free experience. Utilizing the complimentary valet service provided for hotel guests, we promptly disembarked and proceeded to the front desk for check-in procedures. Following a swift check-in process, we ascended via elevator to our accommodations, where we were greeted by a generously appointed room and delightful amenities, enhancing our anticipation for the evening ahead.

The Rooms At The Reeds

During our stay, we were accommodated in a double queen room overlooking the town. The hotel offers a selection of guest rooms and suites, each with the choice of facing either the town or the bay. Opting for a double queen room suited our needs perfectly, particularly with our child in tow. The rooms boast a sophisticated nautical theme and are equipped with an array of amenities aimed at enhancing the overall guest experience.

Within the confines of our room, we discovered a Keurig coffee maker for morning beverages, a refrigerator for food preservation, a flat-screen television equipped with casting capabilities from our mobile devices, and ample bathroom space furnished with essential toiletries for maintaining cleanliness and freshness.

The Food At The Reeds At Shelter Haven

The Reeds at Shelter Haven offers a plethora of dining choices, complemented by the convenient proximity to town, which boasts additional culinary options within walking distance. Electing to dine within the hotel premises, we indulged in the offerings of the onsite restaurants, namely Water Star Grille and Buckets. While we did not personally sample them, other esteemed dining options within the hotel include Sax at the Reeds, renowned for its upscale ambiance, and Stone Harbor Pizza Pub.

Water Star Grille offers a sophisticated yet relaxed dining atmosphere, blending upscale elements with casual charm. The menu features what can be described as elevated coastal cuisine, featuring a diverse selection of seafood dishes alongside burgers, sandwiches, and other family-friendly options. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor dining experiences, with the latter offering picturesque bay views, particularly delightful during the spring and summer seasons. For those opting for a later dinner, witnessing the sunset while enjoying dessert or a post-dinner cocktail is a quintessential experience to savor during a stay at The Reeds.

During our stay, we had the pleasure of dining at Water Star Grille for both breakfast and dinner. While the menu offers a plethora of enticing options, I must emphasize the exceptional quality of the Bronzino and the bolognese dishes. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the bolognese, while I found the Bronzino to be a delightful culinary surprise, with flavor combinations that exceeded my expectations for fish-based dishes.

On our first evening at The Reeds, we opted for a relaxed dinner experience at Buckets. Situated conveniently near the hotel’s valet area, the restaurant offers a more intimate ambiance compared to some of the larger dining venues. It’s an ideal spot for an evening outing, featuring a deck overlooking the bay where guests can savor margaritas and Latin street food bites while observing bay activities or enjoying the sunset. I particularly appreciated their diverse food offerings, with the barbacoa tacos standing out as a personal favorite. In fact, I made sure to save one for a late-night snack upon returning to our room.

Visiting The Beach At The Reeds

In contrast to our typical beach getaways, characterized by lengthy walks or parking challenges followed by hauling our belongings to the shore, our experience at The Reeds at Shelter Haven was refreshingly different. When ready for beach time, guests simply proceed to a designated pick-up area where the beach butler awaits to transport them to the beach. Upon arrival, the beach butler assists with setting up beach essentials such as umbrellas, chairs, towels, and even beach toys for children, all provided by the hotel. This seamless service eliminates the need for guests to carry anything to the beach, except for personal items such as phones and room keys.

During your beach visit, if hunger strikes, simply approach one of the beach butlers to request a beach menu for convenient food ordering directly to your beachside location. The process is streamlined: select your items from the menu, inform the butler of your order, receive a numbered flag for identification, and await the delivery of your meal by a member of The Reeds staff. Meals are presented in a beach picnic basket complete with silverware and cleansing wipes for your convenience. This seamless dining experience allows guests to maximize their time at the beach, eliminating the need to leave for meals and enabling a full day of enjoyment under the sun, amidst the sand, and alongside the waves.

Guests seeking relaxation should consider booking a treatment at the Salt Spa, conveniently situated across the street from the hotel rooms. Upon arrival, guests are warmly greeted and guided through the check-in process before embarking on their spa experience. The spa offers a range of services including massages, hair and nail treatments, and access to amenities such as the Turkish bath. With various options available, guests can tailor their spa visit to suit their preferences for ultimate rejuvenation.

Having never experienced a Turkish bath before, I was eager to try it out during my visit. The Salt Spa offers two options: detox or nourishing treatments, and I opted for the nourishing experience. The session is personalized for you and your chosen companions, ensuring a private and exclusive experience. As my husband stayed back with our child, I had the room entirely to myself for the duration of the hour-long treatment. Following the session, I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome and even explored the availability of Turkish baths at local spas upon returning home, albeit without success thus far. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic body care.

Other Activities & Happenings At The Reeds

In addition to the beach and spa amenities, The Reeds at Shelter Haven offers a diverse range of activities and events for guests to enjoy. Prior to your visit, I recommend reviewing their ‘Happenings‘ page to stay informed about upcoming events. During the summer months, guests may have the opportunity to attend the Reeds & Seeds event, a family-friendly gathering that we thoroughly enjoyed during our stay. However, even outside of the summer season, there are numerous activities to partake in, such as Murder Mystery Dinners and live music performances. Additionally, the hotel provides various daily activities including paddle boarding, access to a rooftop pool, a well-equipped fitness center, bay-related activities, and more, ensuring an enriching and memorable stay experience for guests year-round.