5 Unique Ideas to Use Granite Dining Table Tops Effectively

Planning to bring a granite topped dining table home? We can help you experiment with the designs and types to find the perfect fit.

The trend of using granite for dining table tops has been around for decades. Since it has many benefits, it is preferred over other materials. Compared to wooden dining table tops, granite is the winner as it is practical in many ways. It does not discolor, is water resistant and has that special shine that wood does not lose.

Interestingly, most urban homeowners opt for granite dining table tops as they save a lot of time in maintenance. Couples who both work may not have time to clean the table and that is why granite tables come to the rescue.

While there are many ways to use granite table tops for your dining area, here are a few ideas to consider.

A white granite dining table makes a luxurious impression

Most people use black granite for dining tables as it hides stains and scratches. White granite is chosen by those who love this color and prefer luxury over anything else. A white granite dining table set can be perfect for an all-white dining area. Combined with white chairs, walls, floors, decor, etc., the entire set up gives your home that luxurious and bright look. Maintaining it can be a difficult task, but if you do it carefully, you are likely to own a gem that will last you for a long time.

5 Unique Ideas to Use Granite Dining Table Tops Effectively

A granite dining table that is a timeless masterpiece

Wood and granite have been combined to create timeless furniture pieces. We recommend you go for this combination but choose a light table frame if possible. Chairs made of wood or metal will go perfectly with such a dining table. You don’t necessarily have to choose tables made of heavy wood. There are lighter options that will match your choice and still be a masterpiece.

A Granite Dining Table That Brings Everyone Together

When you talk about dinner, the first thing that comes to your mind is a big event with several guests enjoying a meal. This requires a table that is big enough to accommodate both the food and the guests. It is a perfect choice for a large family as well as those who frequently entertain guests. It is perfect for special dining rooms where a granite dining table is the focal point. The bright lights can enhance the glamour of the room. Granite flooring or ledges become the cherry on top. Don’t bother with the decorations as the table steals the show.

5 Unique Ideas to Use Granite Dining Table Tops Effectively

A Kitchen Island That Acts As An Ideal Dining Table

Though the island is a concept adopted from the west, it is a great addition to an Indian kitchen. It is a space that helps you prepare meals and also store food when needed. You don’t have to buy a separate piece of furniture and settle for a multifunctional one. Since an island helps in meal preparation, it becomes easy as it is hassle-free to maintain.

A granite dining table with plenty of space for guests

This concept uses multiple chairs to accommodate many people at once. A granite dining table top with chairs on one side and a relaxed seating area on the other is a perfect addition to your home. You get a relaxing dining experience while spending time with friends and family. The right kind of lights floating above the room is the perfect addition.