10 Fashion Essentials in Your Closet That Deserve an Upgrade

10 Fashion Essentials in Your Closet That Deserve an Upgrade

We all have those basics in our closet that we use a lot—with a big emphasis on “heavy.” Whether it’s the bag you lug to work all week or the everyday bra whose underwire has come off, making sure your everyday essentials are high quality is an absolute must. No one wants to have to keep buying replacements because they’ve worn out prematurely, and there’s really nothing more annoying than finding a rip or a loose thread in one of your emotional support pieces that hold your OOTDs together. Upgrading to fashion essentials that you can really rely on is the way to go, especially if you let them work overtime.

So we’ve rounded up some basics for your closet that will stay intact for the long haul, stay sturdy, and feel like new every time you wear them. Pieces that you can build a healthy, long-term relationship with, if you will. Here are the items we’re reaching out to:

Your Everyday Bra

If there’s one item of clothing you probably wear more than any other, it’s the everyday bra that’s seen better days. Even if your most-worn bra isn’t actively falling apart, ask yourself this: Do I dread putting it on every day? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. We’re good at deciding between two options: the one that’s comfortable but gives gravity way too much power, or the other that’s the equivalent of a corset when it comes to shape.

That’s where EBY comes in: a female-led, size-inclusive lingerie brand that uses a non-slip nylon grip to prevent the dreaded slipping, sliding, or chafing you probably endure every day. Its mesh back offers optimal breathability, and the bra is made of super high-quality and supportive material all around, so you’ll basically never want to wear another bra again. Comfortable, supportive and durable – I mean, do we need to say more?

Your Basic White T-Shirt

No matter what your personal style or aesthetic is, we can all agree that a white T-shirt is absolutely essential when it comes to defining your wardrobe staples. Having a white T-shirt that you can rely on and that will last will make your life a lot easier in the long run. Once you find one that has the perfect cut, length and size, you can put together your everyday wardrobe in no time.

Your Trench Coat for All Weather

Even if you automatically associate a trench coat with winter and fall looks, don’t be fooled – a trench coat made of lightweight material can serve you well all year round. A trench coat is the perfect way to easily upgrade your outfit by making it look like you put a lot more effort into it than you actually did, and its timeless and sophisticated look ties it all together.

Your Loafers for Work and Happy Hour

Work, happy hour, brunch, a day or night on the town—what can’t a black loafer do? Investing in quality shoes is especially important when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe, as they are inevitably the most susceptible to everyday wear and tear. And when it comes to finding a pair that’s durable, easy to style, and comfortable, these tick all our boxes.

Your Worn Work Bag

No personal item of yours has seen things like your work bag. Being tossed around on public transport and stuffed with everything from spilled makeup to random snacks, all while having to protect your precious laptop or documents? It really is our bravest soldier. If you choose an option that can truly withstand everything we throw at our work bags on a daily basis, you’ll definitely thank yourself later.

Your office-ready trousers

Quality trousers are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you regularly go to the office. If trousers are part of your weekly rotation, you deserve a pair that’s flattering, comfortable, and easy to mix and match. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between comfort and fit – these options are available to incorporate into your work routine.

Your Versatile White Button-Down Shirt

Spending a day at the beach? Heading to the office? Having lunch with the girls? Need a lightweight jacket that will dress up any outfit? A white button-down shirt is always a great choice. This wardrobe staple is in use all year round, and that’s why the one you have on hand could use a refresh.

Your Most-Worn Summer Dress

Dresses are always the easiest choice when you’re not quite sure what to wear, so having one or two that are easy to pair with multiple accessories, are comfortable, and last through all seasons will give you an endless array of styling options.

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